Throughout her life, Nevhiz has worked on many different surfaces.

At times, it was canvas or a simple sketchpad. At others, it was tracing paper, packaging paper, cardboard or a napkin.

Her materials are, depending on her economic conditions or to the circumstances of her surroundings at the given time: pencil, pen,  ink, felt-tipped pen, ecoline, coffee, tea, olive oil, pickled beets, eyeliner, lipstick, cigarette ashes…

Drawing is Nevhiz’s diary. She conveys her experience with the world; the paradox of life; and the joy and sorrow of confrontation. It’s a record of memory of the artist’s witnesshood into her own time, consisting of faces, people, gestures, voices and words surrounding her.

“Drawing-Diary” is solely reserved for her drawings. It aims to examine her art under the light of her practice of drawing.

Her drawings are not only Nevhiz’s diary, but are also the spaces she’s opened or left for us to seek her.




Mümtaz Sağlam, Evrim Altuğ, Elif Dastarlı, Murat Alat

Editor: Eda Sezgin

Translation: M. Emir Uslu

Design : Savaş Çekiç

1st Edition: June 2018, 219 p.

ISBN: 978-605-81714-3-5

Desen Günce Nevhiz

31 Ağustos 2018

Söyleşi: Ekphrasis Üçlemesi

31 Ağustos 2018